Marine Learning Systems is a leading eLearning technology and services provider that serves the specific needs of the maritime industry. Through technology and expertise, they help operators gain visibility on crew training, improve learning outcomes, increase safety and optimize performance in maritime operations.

Their web-based learning management system, MarineLMS, revolutionizes on-board training by dynamically adapting content based on vessel and route while providing seamless learning experiences both on land and at sea independent of connectivity.

The Challenge

One of the most requested features for MarineLMS was to make assessment and compliance data accessible through rich interactive reports and visualizations. Marine Learning Systems decided to leverage Microsoft's analytics platform to empower their customers to combine learning data with their other corporate data sources, create and share insights with the entire organization, and make data-driven decisions.

This ambitious goal presented a few challenges. First, the high degree of customization provided by MarineLMS meant that each customer's dataset had different dimensions, making it difficult to build a single set of reports and visualizations for all customers. Second, the solution had to meet critical multi-tenant and multi-geography data isolation requirements due to the global nature of their maritime clientele.

Our Solution

To address these challenges, Marine Learning Systems partnered with Aligned for expert assistance. Aligned walked them through the intricate landscape of Power BI licensing, identifying the most optimal and cost-effective options to suit their needs.

Automation was a significant component of the solution, as Aligned fully automated the provisioning of multi-tenant and multi-geography environments, streamlining the setup and customer onboarding process.

To alleviate the complexity of the source learning data set, Aligned exposed a simplified analytical data model that retained the essence of their complex needs while making report and visualization authoring more manageable.

Additionally, each customer’s reporting environment was fully isolated to maintain data integrity and regulatory compliance.

The collaboration also included knowledge-sharing sessions to enable the Marine Learning Systems team to be self-sufficient in managing and extending their new Azure data pipelines and Power BI reporting capabilities.

The Result

As a result of the partnership with Aligned, Marine Learning Systems now operates cost-effective and secure environments that fully meet their specialized reporting requirements. The implementation offers the flexibility to allocate resources commensurate with each customer's size, as well as the ability to automatically scale up or down to meet reporting workload patterns and reduce costs.

Our solution paves the way for future extensions, such as customer-facing data marts for advanced use cases. Moreover, the skills and expertise acquired by the Marine Learning Systems team during Aligned’s engagement have become invaluable assets for their future projects.

Aligned Software Solutions has completed the architectural proposal, built the proof of concept, and finished the integration with current DevOps processes. They've been easy to work with and responsive to the our feedback. Overall, we've had a seamless collaboration.

- Terry Coatta, CTO

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As Responsive begins expanding into new regions, it is imperative that we work with partners who are experts in security, cloud architecture, and best practices for SOC 2 audits.

Our partnership with Aligned was essential for us to meet these technical objectives. We are excited to continue to partner with Aligned and would highly recommend Aligned to any business that wants to solve challenging architectural problems with a focus on security, scalability, and business growth.

Chris Sanford, CTO

XPO Logistics

Aligned was a fantastic engineering and architecture partner. They spearheaded the architecture and solution design for a key component of our technology platform, and worked with our teams to build it from the ground up.

As a product manager, I admired their ability to understand and effectively communicate the vision and strategy of what we were building to the rest of the engineering team.

In addition, I greatly appreciated their ability to effectively and independently manage our development team. With Aligned in charge, I always had confidence that we were making progress and working on the right thing.

Alyssa Myers, Director of Product Management

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