We've assembled a team of dedicated specialists that are committed to leveraging the latest advancements in application development, data processing and analytics, and cloud-native technologies to deliver the best outcomes for you, our client.

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Engineering Excellence

We strive to deliver outstanding software and cloud engineering, while being both efficient and effective in achieving the desired business outcomes.
It's an endeavor that makes us proud and motivates us to excel at our craft each and every day.


We take great pride in the quality of our work. We're constantly keeping up to date with current technologies and continuously evaluate and embrace innovations in our field. We're learning from and giving back to the wider developer community by contributing to popular open-source projects.


Due to our extensive experience with distributed data-intensive applications in multiple business domains, we posses the ability to quickly identify technical and projects risks, isolate root causes of issues, and find optimal solutions. We use data to make better, informed decisions. We document what we've done and the possibilities for the future.


We're deliberate in our process. We focus on the things that matter most. We iterate quickly, harden what works, and discard what doesn't. We automate the mundane to maximize productive work.

Professional Fulfillment

We derive great professional satisfaction from immersing ourselves in our work, embracing the challenges and responsibilities that come with the trust invested in us by our clients. We treat each project as an opportunity to teach and be taught, to leave the applications, engineers, and organizations as a whole, better than when we started.

Success Stories & Insights


We're extremely proud of our track record. Here are some of the words of appreciation from our clients.


As Responsive begins expanding into new regions, it is imperative that we work with partners who are experts in security, cloud architecture, and best practices for SOC 2 audits.

Our partnership with Aligned was essential for us to meet these technical objectives. We are excited to continue to partner with Aligned and would highly recommend Aligned to any business that wants to solve challenging architectural problems with a focus on security, scalability, and business growth.

Chris Sanford, CTO

XPO Logistics

Aligned was a fantastic engineering and architecture partner. They spearheaded the architecture and solution design for a key component of our technology platform, and worked with our teams to build it from the ground up.

As a product manager, I admired their ability to understand and effectively communicate the vision and strategy of what we were building to the rest of the engineering team.

In addition, I greatly appreciated their ability to effectively and independently manage our development team. With Aligned in charge, I always had confidence that we were making progress and working on the right thing.

Alyssa Myers, Director of Product Management

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