Aligned Helps Genus Capital Management Boost System Performance

Genus Capital Management is a Vancouver-based independent investment management firm that offers sustainable investing solutions for Canadians since 1994. With a global perspective, Genus leverages data technology to gain investment insights and provide tailored solutions for its clients.

The Challenge

Genus contacted Aligned to leverage our technology efficiencies expertise and optimize application and data processing performance. We were excited to work with Genus as they share our innovation, sustainability and excellence values.

Our Solution

We conducted a thorough analysis of Genus’ database performance to identify bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement. Through our process, we discovered that some queries were inefficient or executed too frequently, causing unnecessary load on the data systems.

Next, we performed a thorough code review and profiled the performance of Genus’ applications to pinpoint areas where code optimization could improve execution speed and resource utilization. Our team also identified some low-cost high-reward improvement areas to implement quickly without disrupting the existing functionality.

Finally, we worked closely with Genus’ IT team to implement our recommendations and monitor the results. We also provided documentation and training on best practices for maintaining optimal performance in the future.

The Result

Our solution delivered significant benefits for Genus:

  • Cumulative performance improvement for critical execution paths of up to 40%.
  • Reduced load on data systems, delaying the need for costly infrastructure upgrades.
  • Faster time to insights for the research team and portfolio managers, resulting in shorter feedback loops and, ultimately, better client outcomes.

We are proud of our collaboration with Genus and the positive impact we made on their business. If you want to learn more about how Aligned can help you optimize your systems’ performance, contact us today.

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