Application Modernization Roadmap
Starter Template

Accelerate your digital transformation! Request our application modernization roadmap starter template and immediately begin mapping out your modernization journey.

We recommend approaching application modernization as a structured, iterative process comprised of the following five steps:

  1. Discover: create or update your application inventory
  2. Categorize and prioritize: quantify each application's cost, benefits, and modernization effort; and create application modernization cohorts based on value and effort
  3. Plan: modernization happens in multiple stages, starting with the high-value/low-effort cohort
  4. Execute: carefully follow the plan, adjusting mid-flight if needed to ensure optimal outcomes with minimal disruptions
  5. Assess: evaluate the ROI and compare with projections; reflect on the process and address any shortcomings in the next iteration or cohort

Use this spreadsheet to create and maintain an application portfolio and assess the cost, benefits, and effort of modernization options for each application. Alternatively, use it as a guide and store the information in your organization's knowledge management tool.

Read more in our How to Create an Application Modernization Roadmap blog post.

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