How to Choose the Best IT Modernization Partner

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For most businesses, the modernization of IT systems is often essential to growth, but it often gets overlooked or delayed, amid the challenges of day to day operation. Oftentimes this leads companies relying on multiple systems to store, manage, and retrieve information. These systems grow to tackle ever more complex processes, but are rarely built to play well within the larger ecosystem of applications that power the entire enterprise. This makes it difficult to classify and search digital content, trapping sizeable amounts of critical data in isolated data silos.

A legacy application is an outdated system that no longer meets the needs of the company or market requirements. In other words, a system that no longer fulfills its original mission. One of the main challenges with these systems is that they tend to contain important data and content that can only be accessed by a small number of users through complex and aging interfaces. Being aware of this problem is one thing, doing something about it is another.

One of the first steps, however, is finding the right partner. You’ll need a dedicated, well-trained team, with the adequate expertise and experience, as well as the right knowledge and optimal outlook to give your business the makeover it needs. In terms of cost reduction, security and performance, you’ll want to use a proof-of-concept approach, making sure that your partner delivers everything as promised. You might want a risk assessment in the beginning, and continuous progress for the duration of the engagement. Communication is key at every step of the process.

App Modernization: The Right Way

Technology changes at a rapid pace and your business will have to keep up in order to maintain its competitive advantage. Modern applications leverage multiple technologies (programming languages, databases, data processing tools), mixing and matching them with use-cases they are optimized for. This means it's best to partner with a multi-disciplinary team of experts that can choose the right tool for each job based on extensive experience with a breadth of IT tools.

We would be delighted to help. With multiple members entirely dedicated to application modernization and digital transformation, with combined decades of experience in a large number of modern technologies, Aligned is ready to assist with your application and infrastructure modernization efforts. With a culture of engagement and a result-oriented approach, our ability to address and control the entire chain of the transformation project allows us to commit ourselves to end-to-end solutions, in long-term partnerships with our customers. We strive for excellence by undertaking a duty of proactive counsel that commits us to the success of your project. Reach out when you're ready!

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