What Is .NET and Why You Should Be Using It to Grow Your Business?

January 09, 2021

What Is .NET and Why You Should Be Using It to Grow Your Business?

While legacy applications can still be relevant for a business, they often lack the updated performance. In the actual context app modernization becomes a must-do.

.NET is a free, cross-platform, and open-source software development platform for building a wide range of applications. You can use multiple languages, editors, libraries, etc. for a rather wide range of applications – from games to IoT – on mobile or desktop alike, while running on Windows, Mac OS X, as well as Linux. It is simple, modern, secure, and robust, making it a cost-effective, ubiquitous choice for modernizing legacy applications.

While legacy applications are providing value for a business, they often have sub-optimal performance and employee experience, have security gaps, and are hard to operate and maintain. By modernizing your legacy software through incremental changes, your business can achieve optimal performance and efficiency, without disruptions to operations.

Small and medium-sized companies are often the most affected by the depreciation of value provided by their legacy apps, mostly due to lack of on-staff development resources to keep applications and infrastructure current. When an application loses the ability to ensure the continuous delivery of positive experiences to the end user, it also starts hindering the business, rather than supporting it. Conversely, when an application is modernized to fit again with its intended purpose, the development costs are recovered in a short timeframe through the increase in efficiency and productivity, and the reduction of operating costs.

Different applications require different strategies, so it is very important to evaluate two fundamental aspects - the relevance of the application for the business and its technical condition.

To get the most of the modernization investment, it's recommended to create a strategy and roadmap to improve the app portfolio, reducing overlaps of functionality, eliminating technical limitations, and reducing maintenance costs.

.NET App Modernization: What Are the Advantages?

.NET application modernization empowers companies to get the maximum value from their software development investment, by retaining the core value built into the original, now legacy, application, while simultaneously taking advantage of modern development practices and hosting infrastructure.

Nowadays, it is the consumer’s behavior that guides technological investment. This requires fast and safe digital channels to meet a growing online demand. Fast-paced, constant technological changes are the new reality in this digital world. Legacy applications and antiquated technology make it hard and costly to adapt and innovate in this new world.

Optimizing and modernizing applications is a fast and effective strategy to open a new world of possibilities for your organization, at the same time reducing operational costs. Aligned is always here to help you develop and execute your modernization strategy.

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