ListSimple Leverages Modern Technology to Double Business Volume for the Fourth Consecutive Year

ListSimple Leverages Modern Technology to Double Business Volume for the Fourth Consecutive Year


ListSimple is the top provider of measurement and media services for REALTORS® in Alberta. ListSimple relies heavily on innovation and process automation to stay ahead of the competition.

The Challenge

After creating the core product for their measurement and media services solution, ListSimple required advanced skills and expertise to develop the full-fledged scalable system on a tight deadline to monetize on the generated interest and hit high season at maximum capacity.

The project required the implementation of several challenging components. These included custom scheduling and appointment-setting rules. Additionally, the photo processing pipeline presented complexity and needed meticulous attention. Moreover, each service area required custom reporting and document generation requirements, adding to the system's complexity. Finally, integrating and coordinating multiple third-party APIs was crucial in supporting end-to-end business processes.

Our Solution

After being approached by ListSimple to develop the solution, Aligned engineers embedded with the ListSimple team and embarked on a rapid knowledge acquisition effort. As a result, they became familiar with the technology stack and third-party tools used to build the initial core product and established a fast pace of incremental and iterative releases to deliver value and gain customer feedback continuously.

The Aligned engineering team built a custom scheduling system similar to what Uber may use to allow drivers to make themselves available. It ensures that clients have a positive experience and that technicians spend their time as efficiently as possible. They also developed an automated solution for measurement report generation and photo processing that immensely reduced the cost and speed of producing customer deliverables.

Aligned engineers seamlessly integrated third-party APIs and tools to support accounting, ordering, and fulfillment business processes. They also made it easy for the customer success team to access back-office systems through simple user interfaces.

Aligned continues to support the ListSimple team with expert technical advice and guidance so that they can grow in new service areas and with new features and services.

The Result

Aligned engineers built a full-featured, scalable and resilient system allowing ListSimple to grow to four service areas (Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, and Lethbridge). In addition, the solution enabled the yearly doubling of business volume across the first four years of business, delivering more than 10,000 service appointments annually.

By working with Aligned, ListSimple kept over 3,000 happy customers satisfied and returning over and over for their measurement and media needs.

Working with Aligned has been an excellent experience. They are a trusted and critical partner in the development of our business. We were able to set out an aggressive plan for getting our systems built, and they executed that plan very well.

We've continued to be able to rely on their timely support and expertise as we've engaged in projects and system iterations over the past few years. Not only are they excellent at their craft, but the Aligned team is always a pleasure to work with.

- Nicole, Tarah, Dennis & Thomas, Co-Founders

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As Responsive begins expanding into new regions, it is imperative that we work with partners who are experts in security, cloud architecture, and best practices for SOC 2 audits.

Our partnership with Aligned was essential for us to meet these technical objectives. We are excited to continue to partner with Aligned and would highly recommend Aligned to any business that wants to solve challenging architectural problems with a focus on security, scalability, and business growth.

Chris Sanford, CTO

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Aligned was a fantastic engineering and architecture partner. They spearheaded the architecture and solution design for a key component of our technology platform, and worked with our teams to build it from the ground up.

As a product manager, I admired their ability to understand and effectively communicate the vision and strategy of what we were building to the rest of the engineering team.

In addition, I greatly appreciated their ability to effectively and independently manage our development team. With Aligned in charge, I always had confidence that we were making progress and working on the right thing.

Alyssa Myers, Director of Product Management

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